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Good Riddance


Good Riddance is a life skills consulting company that hires out experts within their field that have a passion for uplifting their community . Our Talents have experience with creative arts, writing , storytelling, acting, professional speaking, culturally relative curriculum building and much more!

Our mission to empower all young people, especially those who need us the most, to develop a higher level of life skills in order to be successful members of their community

Our Talent


Khalique Rogers


Khalique Rogers is a man of many talents. He is a writer, a storyteller, a public speaker, and an actor. Rogers is also able to share his talents amongst generations, by facilitating life skill sessions with middle, high school, and college aged scholars. Rogers recognizes that there is an opportunity gap in American schools. He experienced firsthand a curriculum and school system that did not represent his culture, language and history.  Due to this, he has developed a passion for working with schools to inspire students of all backgrounds to foster a higher level of expectations for themselves. Although Rogers has had the opportunity to work within the corporate world, he recognized that the spaces that he was in were very much White, with a lack of representation. For this reason, he decided to follow his heart and get back to his roots within his community. Rather than to wait on “Superman” Rogers created presentations and curriculum that reflects the demographics that he is serving. After having local success, he decided to expand his brand by creating a life skills consulting company called Good Riddance. 


Speaking events


Como senoir Highschool ST Paul, MN.

Facilitating a lesson plan on time management.


Summit prep ACADMY Oakland, CA

Facilitating a lesson plan on humanizing your heroes.

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Homeless youth forum St. Paul, MN

We’re tired of waiting on super man!

“If not NOW than when and if not YOU then who?

Today’s hearing in the St. Paul City Council Chambers: Voices of Unaccompanied Youth, kids and Families was a great success! So many kids and families were able to share their important stories, and the City Council will take under advisement our recommendations for creating more housing for the 2000 kids currently faced with homelessness in our city. 

I am proud and honored to be part of this effort!

Young, Gifted and Black. 


gORDON PARKS Gala. st. paul, mn

Keynote speaker at the 10th annual Gordon Parks Gala.


Khalique Rogers visited my spirited ninth grade class this past school year, and was that experience a success! Engaging, interactive, and educational, my students were all in that hour with the lesson-using managing their time and using it wisely! I definitely recommend incorporating the heartfelt perspective and life lessons of Khalique Rogers into any number of curriculums. - Steve Powers. 

Thank you for coming in today! Meant a lot to have someone come in and motivate a lot of us. I don’t usually tell this out a lot and everyone thinks I’m that spoiled kid but really I have to work for stuff. I was becoming more depressed and this was about 2 years ago. I would sit in my room and grind my ass off on the video game, and that messed me up a lot. I lost my confidence in basketball and I get scared of wha people would think about me! You CHANGED that for me though. “I didn’t care what people thought of me, I wanted to be the first” that little sentence changed my day. Ever since 4th hour you have made a big change. You’re making a difference everyday, every hour, every minute bro. Thank you! I really mean that. Hopefully we can meet and talk sometime again. It was nice having you in!

- JAYLEN 9th grade Como Senior HS

Dreams don’t work until you do.
— Khalique Rogers

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